21.29.00 - Mark

My left hand hurts like bloody hell. I wasn't going to blog it due to the fact I try to keep the excessively disgusting out of my blog but the fact that my left hand is twice the size its supposed to be and its stressing the mussels in a way that I've now got a good idea of what carpel tunnel syndrome feels like. All thanks to a literal pest.

I mean its bad enough I'm taking a small mixture of over the counter drugs to regain non-tormenting useage of my own hand. Keep in mind I usually hate drugs because most dumbass Americans are too quick to jump towards medication to solve all their woes (its not just modern society - how do you think we got Coke and Dr. Pepper?), and they generally don't phase me (drug tolerance is both a blessing and a curse)

Its just barely working. I'm down towards moderate torment from something closer to "take the damned thing off".

The thing that really bugs me is the bug that did it. I don't know what it is - and I really need/want to know since this is not a typical sting for me. Bee Stings usually pop up then pop down after a day or so. None of this whole damned hand deal.

Now I'm going away to let my mind wander for a while before slipping into unconscious

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ME - 14:38:00 / 2005.04.12 #

I bet it's easier to slap your brother with a double sized hand! Make use of it. Hope it feels better. (maybe) ;)

JPaull - 23:22:00 / 2005.04.12 #

Spider... that's what happened to my leg this last summer. Swelled up huge and hurt like a bitch...

Best of luck with that.

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