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11.03.00 - Mark

6 months ago I though the iBook was going be enough. I hate when I'm wrong.

Since purchasing it - and only since purchasing it I have found myself doing pretty heavy audio and video work. I suppose its rare enought that I don't feel too bad, but editing a 30 minute clip and burning it to a VCD (for those of you who missed being a mid 90s geek, its like a DVD, but on a CD - really useful for those of us who don't have DVD-R drives) took me the better part of 24 hours and ate up close to 15 GBs of drive space spread out between my iBook and my iPod, plus some because I needed to move files around the network and drives. Still it was fun. Video is neat stuff - just takes a lot of time when you needed to decode and re-encode each clip half a dozen times (damned MPAA forced DVD encryption - I could have saved at least 3 hours if not for MPEG2 lockdowns)

Anyways it gave me some time to do some seriously overdue bike maintenance, like dissolve the 2.5 years of gunk that had built up on my drivetrain, replace the brake pads and realign the derailers with time left over to watch a few movies (several movies - like I said video processing is slow even on wicked fast G4s). Now I'm going to see about getting some lunch and riding a local bike trail or two. Its been a nice weekend and I don't want to spend all of it indoors.

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