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09.23.00 - Mark

April 29th.

Do you know where your towel is?

I'm afraid you'll need it May 25th as well

It's optional on May 3rd, but as a froog, you'll have it anyways - won't you?

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ME - 16:06:00 / 2005.04.05 #

My towel is in my backpack. I am a hoopy frood.

Ivan - 20:36:00 / 2005.04.05 #

I keep one in my tennis back, but for both the 3rd and 25th I'll put one in my bookbag too. Oh, and I wasn't expecting such speedy penguin delivery. I'll have your cash next thursday.

yeah.. I'm that poor

Ivan - 20:37:00 / 2005.04.05 #

and by back i mean bag

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