20.34.00 - Mark

I generally detest the MPAA and the rating system the government has jerry rigged into law. 10 people in California, all parents, who get paid to preside over what gets passed into the mainstream movie channels for the whole nation. However I completely agree with their call on Sin City. It's an amazing movie, but I know I wouldn't want my youngest brother watching it. I'm not even sure Matt should have watched it, but he seems to be OK, well at least considering the his baseline.

It's a hard R movie. Nudity, violence, and completely mind-blowing.

The style, stories, characters and acting are all amazing. Parts are hard to follow, such as how the four stories connect. Somehow it seems more than tangental relations but I'm not sure how. There's a ton of star power behind it as well, and not simply stars for the sake of having stars. Everyone in it was amazing, with it often being hard to tell who was playing who. The notable case was Elijah Wood, who after playing Kevin doesn't need to worry about falling into hobbit type casting anymore.

I don't think Sin City is going to be a mainstream classic, and probably not going to be on the AFI 200 list in 90 years or so, but for now, its well worth the admission cost. Assuming you can come to terms with the fact that life is ugly and vulgar, and this movie is an exaggerated (and somewhat twisted) take on life.

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