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14.20.00 - Mark

I know this might not be the most timely of posts, considering John Paul II's recent death, but I'm going to ask the question anyways.

What if we went to all the religious right want prayer in school and offer just that - to bring prayer into school, but only Islamic prayer? What's their response? How is their case any different than mine? (Which is along the lines of full respect of all belief systems to the point where they start trying to convert me or threaten me with a false case of moral "superiority")

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ME - 16:08:00 / 2005.04.05 #

I don't care if they pray in school; it doesn't offend me. I just wnt the right to pray or read my Bible whenever I want. They deserve thier rights too.

Mark - 22:25:00 / 2005.04.05 #

I don't think anyone has denied personal prayer in school (insert disclaimer here). If you want to say grace before eating your lunch, you can. If you want to kneel by a desk and pray before first period I don't care. If you want to study a Bible between classes it's no different that for me to study an issue of 2600 or books on atomic energy. It may be frowned upon, but they can't legally stop it from happening.

Your first amendment rights don't end at the school gate. Depending on where you keep it, personal property laws are still in effect as well.

But that's if it happens on your time. I'm talking about the more ludicrous idea that schools should be setting aside time - that would otherwise be used for instruction - or even leading the student body in prayer, usually of a certain brand that generally, arrogantly, disregards all other belief systems.

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