Fake Ghostlike Photons!

14.08.00 - Mark

It's All Geeks Day again, and Thinkgeek has put up their annual collection of fake products, as well as their All Geeks Day free T-Shirt.. I like the MegaMags and Projector Pong. The Pong system would actually be fun to build.

I like the shirt better this year as well. Last year I got the binary joke shirt (I shopped at think geek on april fools day and all I got was this tshirt)

Anyways you can figure out the anagram while I go in search of more geek's day gags and pack to go to Raven Knob for the weekend, and I'm still not sure how I'm going to deal with both my troop and staff weekend. Doesn't help matters that I still don't know if I'm going to work this summer or stick to the Internet Tech class schedule at High School U...

Edit4/7/05 - due to influx of searchers: Fake Ghostlike Photons is an anagram for Shop at Thinkgeek fools Is it really that hard to figure out?

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Ivan - 10:19:00 / 2005.04.03 #

What're you doing at Raven Knob? I was at Spring Event / Crossover this weekend. Windy as all get out. Jonathan someoneorother's truck got smashed by a tree, heheh.

Oh, I need more penguins.

Mark - 11:37:00 / 2005.04.03 #

"What're you doing at Raven Knob?"

Retaining my sanity.

Actually it was a badly timed troop event with me breaking off yesterday to attend the camp staff weekend. I'll post more later. I just got back

and you'll get your mints

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