It was only a matter of time

09.58.00 - Mark

While I don't think I've blogged it, after a certain local fiasco involving blogs I guessed that it would only be a matter of time before the schools in the area made an attempt to band blogs. They never did, at least to the best of my knowlege (thankfully I'm no longer in that system).

However there is a school that's trying to ban blogs, however its not because of "school concerns" but rather worrying about stalkers.

Frankly I'm not worried about it. My phone number, full address, and several photos of me are online and aside from a slight increase in SPAM (which I blame on the CAN SPAM act) I've never been worried about it. I don't post my exact address here, and I'm usually vague when posting locations and other events. Thats true, to a lesser extent, on pretty much all of the local blogs I read.

Personally I think blogs are a great tool for nearly all aspects of life. In school they help improve typing skills, though processes, spelling, and serve as a tool for distributed editing. I know a few people who post essays and other work online, in personal blogs. While I don't do that with my english assignments, despite having it encouraged by several englsih teachers, I have thrown up code and websites for inspection.

I think more schools and teachers should encourage blogging and incorporating other interactive and multimedia tools into education. My generation, as well as a large part of the one before me, have grown up with interactive materials. The web video games, etc. These venues engage us, something schools should attempt, but often fail, to do.

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