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Robotics is one of those many things I have wanted to get into but never have, so I'm admiring these guys all the more.

Little to no funding, no experiance, just hard work and research. The underdogs beating out everyone else - including two dozen MIT students.

Recently I've been noticing a lot of these underdog stories, either from sources like the Wired article linked to above, or from The Art of Intrusion by Kevin Mitnick.

Some of these stories are amazing on their own. They're more amazing when you realize that these are minorities that have a hard time existing in the low income bracket, but they just jump the tech gap and become more skilled than 99.99% of the rest of society.

It bugs me to no end that people hate the homeless summing them all up as bums, they hate hispanics because "they're taking our jobs" or hate convicted felons "'cause they're bad people"

There are smart, really smart homeless, or rather nomadic, individuals out there. Here's one, which is one of my favorite blogs. Adrian Lamo is another (falls under a felon as well)

Same with hispanics, as noted above. Convicted felons are no different. Look at chapter three of The Art of Intrusion. Hell look at the Author

I'll admit that just because there are a few shining examples it in no way means all felons are good, or that all homeless are capable of standing on their own feet, or that hispanics rightfully deserve American jobs. All I'm saying is that there is too much crap in this world to create more of it. Give people a break. We all need them.

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