Blogger Woes and Spyware Infections

10.59.00 - Mark

Google needs to sink some more funds into blogger, cuz its been slow and buggy recently. Over the weekend the homepage reverted to posts from sometime in May 2003 or 2004. It's also damned near impossible to post anyting in a single shot anymore. I had to load it tice to et the last post up, and I've tried about half a doen times to zap the accidential double post I made on Sunday, but blogger just doesn't want to cooperate and spits out 500 internal server errors.

I still like the system, even if the geek in me wants to upgrade to a more powerful system or better yet code my own. Plus I don't really want to fight with converting 1000+ posts and loosing the traffic thats pointed at the blogspot subdomain.

I don't know. All I want is to post stuff fairly easily from damned near anywhere.

Also I hate spyware. The system I'm typing this out on is infected with one of those nasty search engine hijacking spywarez and its anoying the shit out of me. Its thowing in random links into the HTML and with many of the sites I visit that may or may not be normal posting habits.

I love how the Mac is (so far) unaffected by viruses, spywarez, and other heavily exploited secutiry problems.

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