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21.27.00 - Mark

My Spring Break is over. Frankly I don't care. I mean all I did was make a half-assed attempt at picking up some AppleScript, a slightly less brain dead attempt at rewiring the house's phone and ethernet networks (wireless is good, but its slow as shit), cleaned some of the crap off my laptops hard drive (6GBs!), and helped Matt build something that looks remotely like the gateway to china town. Aside from that all I really did was drive people places and sleep - lots of sleep - so much sleep that I managed to correct and screw up my sleep cycle in a single week.

Then there's easter. I don't give a damn. I don't buy into the Jesus thing, and at the same time I don't hold nothing against those who do (except those who try and convert me). Hell I side with some of the better followers who have a distain for commercialization the holiday has suffered. xmas is about really big gifts, St. Valentines day is about getting laid and eating chocolate, St. Patricks day is about getting drunk, and Easter has something to do with eggs, rabbits and chocolate. I frankly don't care. There's a thing of Easter candy somewhere upstairs that has been set aside for me but I don't give a damn. I mean I still has some of the xmas candy, pretty much all of the valentines day junk food, and if I take the easter stuff its going to show up sometime on October 31st.

Who the hell needs a few dozen pounds of chocolate? A month?

There's a reason America is filled with fat, rude assholes dying of cancer. We're all too fucking concerned with eating chocolate and taking in tobacco.

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ME - 10:59:00 / 2005.03.29 #

Hmm... a post with Jesus and the F word - interesting. I need to send you some tracts or a preacher or something, because you don't hate me enough :) Oh yeah, I will likely be there this weekend.

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