NC, the Silicon Valley of New Media

19.16.00 - Mark

Sometimes I'm blown away by this state. In addition to the Chapel Hill Blogger con, the Piedmont bloggercon last year, and possible sequel this year, and the Charlotte one coming up in September, Dave Winer and others are planning a Podcastercon to take place in Chapel Hill. No date set, but could be cool to attend. I remember really enjoying the podcasting lunch group I joined as part of the Chapel event, so if even part of that is transferable to a larger event I'd say the organizers are looking at a successful event. I suppose I'll see as they get more organized.

And I need to create more audio. Its fun, but it takes time to create content. Maybe I can do something with the ideas I can't seem to type out, like why people have problems with Creative Commons and the Open Source Movement.

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