Best Take on the Schiavo Fiasco

01.35.00 - Mark

Wil Wheaton Wins it, at least on the government side.

Personally the media does not need to be covering this screw up. The government does not need to intervene. Frankly I don't want to hear about it. I'm not a doctor, I've never been (and never hope to be) in this sort of situation so I'm not going to make a public opinion on the subject, except to say I feel sorry for the husband.

He's waited 15 years, turned down tens of millions of dollars, has every red state resident accusing him of of being an euthanizing bastard pig, despite the fact that he's turned his life around since the incident and has become a medical professional. This guy should be honored for having stronger morals and ethics than those that accuse him. All he's doing is trying to honor his wife's choice, as best he understood them.

At least I know where my parents stand on this issue, so my brothers and I shouldn't have to deal with this sort of crap should the unfortunate happen.

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ME - 11:06:00 / 2005.03.29 #

Um... I'm a red state resident and I voted republican, I have never said this, I think that the decision to remove the feeding tube is morally wrong but it is and should be his right.

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