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12.41.00 - Mark

I've always loved science, and I know part of that is due to watching Bill Nye the Science Guy early on Saturday mornings (in additions to the less memorable other network spin off that had the ugly fat guy in the rat suit - Beakmans World? I just remember the dumb rat who always lost bets and was the source of lots of physical gag humor) But The show was great, always a lot of fun.

Bill Nye has an amazing take on science - namely there is no way you can not make science entertaining, a truth too many science teachers choose to ignore. Mainly because they aren't supposed to be teaching science. Still there are some out there, and I've had some. All of my great science teachers had a crazy element to them (no its not one found on the periodic table) Like Rathe (who was crazy enough to let me work with $10,000 (well - then $10,000) SBIG astronomical camera - BTW Jason did you guys ever get that to work?) and McGuinity (fireballs on school property), and Wortman ( (clean) lab equipment as beverage containers)

Anyways to drag this back on topic, Bill Nye is back with a new program, The Eyes of Nye which is going to focus on an older audience. I just ran across a Wired interview with him (058.04.2005). There aren't many people would could work Bees, PB&J, Lewis Carroll's Though the Looking Glass, and Sex into an interview and still make their point. Sadly it isn't set to launch on my local PBS station, not that they get much of anything anyways - I mean they had the balls to preempt Red Green in all shapes and forms (which in Iowa is a form of high treachery). Maybe someone will bittorrent it. I hope someone bittorrents it.

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JPaull - 02:19:00 / 2005.03.22 #

Nope, we never did get it to work... unfortunately. The funny thing is, when they were doing roof work two summers ago, they were kind enough to completely demolish the observatory without telling anyone! Rathe and Wortmann were pissed, but they couldn't do anything after the fact. Oh well... water under the bridge.

Mark - 18:01:00 / 2005.03.22 #

Ouch. That sucks, the observatory was pretty nice.

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