23.29.46 - Mark

Yesterday was busy, so was today. I've been finishing up a report or Catch-22 and the contrivercy I seen in its pages. I turned it in earlier today and to put it briefly (something I obviously didn't do in the paper) ended up with 6 pages more than I needed, IOW 9 pages when I needed 3.Oh well, it is fairlky long at Heller makes a lot of points that seem to be as important today as they did when it was published. I think this is also field trip week, every day this week I'm going to spend time between 8 AM and 3 PM on an official school outing. Mainly bowling but tomarrow I'm going to "career day" or as I understand it- get-out-of-class-to-listen-to-idiots-at-the-community-college. Then I'm also out for half of next week as well, somehow the school made the mistake of agreeing to letting me out of school for two days to play with computers. For all of their shortcommings that isn't too bad. Then again it is windows...

BTW my payment for the 540c shipped yesterday and I should have it by Friday. Woohoo!

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