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22.59.00 - Mark

The North Carolina Blogosphere is chattering about the Charlotte Bloggercon, since they announced a date today. I know I'll be trying to keep September 17th open.

There's also some talk of organizing another conference in Greensboro. I agree with the sentiments that it could get dull and repetitive, but for those of us who can't make the meet-ups they've organized since the Chapel Hill deal, it would be nice to peek into the more connected NC blogosphere. However keeping the ideas fresh presents a problem, especially since the largest discussion points are politics and the blogger vs journalism thing, which bugs me. I think Charlotte is looking more into business blogging. Chapel hill was journalism. I think it would be nice if there was a middle ground, something geared more towards the people who aren't covering the news and aren't trying to make money (aside from operating costs) People looking more at creating content as opposed to recycling it (journalism) or selling it.

While I dip into politics here, thats not the focus of this blog. I'm also not a journalist. Anyone who thinks I'm trying to cover the news is a poor delusional sob and seriously needs mental help. If anything this is a scratch pad. A bastardization of boingboing and slashdot's hey look at this format and an editorial page. I throw in the noisy personal diary stuff on occasion, but its hard to say my blog falls in there. I try to create a signal albeit not a particularly strong one. I'm in the mid right section of the long tail So in the blogging tradition of creating-new-terms-because-I-feel-like-it I'm deeming this a Scratchpad Blog.

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anonyMoses - 14:33:00 / 2005.03.24 #

Thanks for your ideas and enthusiasm. I really don't think that Charlotte will be dominated by business blogging, but I do think it should have a place, as it wasn't much covered in the last ones, and there has been so much activity in that realm...largely uncovered by the media.

Just as in all conversations, there are a world of subjects being discussed.

Hope you make it to Charlotte. Your ideas are appreciated, and will certainly be kept in mind, if not acted upon directly.


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