Its time again for MILftHoRNC

01.26.00 - Mark

Yep, its time again for More Idiotic Legislation from the Halls of Raleigh, North Carolina.

This time they're trying to remove games from all the windows boxes in the state. Frankly they may as well try to remove internet explorer. Or maybe just the entire system itself.

Noone really plays solitare on the desktop anymore, not when they have a plethra of gaming choises on the internet. Then there are those that bring in their own games, I know one of the history teachers I had while at a North Carolina high school daycare had a well known habit of playing Deer Hunter 5 on his in room confruiter - during class. I can verify that one too. One I saw him playing it and two he brought the computer down to the computer repair class after they upgraded him to windows XP and I was given the task of finding out why Deer Hunter wouldn't load (everyone else was too busy downloading crap from KaZaa) and while he claimed it was a personal system, it was clearly marked as a school computer.

Not that anyone under the employment of North Carolina government really does anything anyways. The DMV is more than proof of that.

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ME - 13:01:00 / 2005.03.22 #

I wish I could tell you that SC government was a little better but they're just a bunch of over paid freaks as well - even the ones I voted for. And you are still sore about the DMV person who had to hold on to the car because she was afraid for her life while you took your drivers test. Ha Ha! :)

Mark - 17:53:00 / 2005.03.22 #

I don't like the DVM period. The old blind bat that needs a physics lesson just cemented the opinion. I know a lot of other DMV horror stories.

Most DMV offices do a very good job of letting idiots onto the road while pissing off people who can actually drive. Unless I'm mistaken thats the opposite of what they are supposed to be doing.

We the people entrust the government with a number of tasks, and if the government neglects those tasks people should get pissed. Unfortunately our leaders are too tied up in a petty family feud and catering to RIAA/MPAA lobbyists to actually care about about the constituents they are supposed to represent and the constituents are in general ignorant bastards so naive that would willingly get bare ass naked and put on shackles to fly because they think it will make them safer.

?¨Democracy is the worst form of government, with the exception of all others." Winston Churchill

People forget this, even though it is blindingly apparent. If we really had a great system going here why aren't we setting Iraq up in the exact same manner? Or for that matter, any of the other counties we've invaded/set up governments in.

Before we go out and fix other countries we really need to fix our own. At this point thats my only complaint about the Iraq screw up.

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