I'm a bad geek

22.29.00 - Mark

Wow. I haven't checked my RSS feeds in over 3 days. Since I first started pulling feeds I don't think I've gone more than two days before checking the feeds. Its both overwhelming and relieving. Its relieving because its a welcome break from the norm, and overwhelming because I've missed so much, but over a weekend it isn't as bad.

Then there's my hard drive. On the laptop I managed to bottom it out. I really hate seeing "no room left on drive" errors. I really really hate them I mean they fuck up all sorts of stuff. So last night/this morning I cleared out about 3, maybe 4 GBs of data and the worst part is I'm already down under 1GB. Holy shit. I remmeber the bad old days when I though 80MB drives were wicked cool. Here I am 15 years later thinking 40GBs is enought for a laptop. Guess not.

Holy shit I'm pulling down Gbs of data every day? How the hell am I doing this. I guess I really need to get the network back up so I can use my G3 (with its sort of spacious 150GBs of stoarge) as a file server and download box. Tho' I may need to get a 200 GB drive and build up another server, as my G3 is filling up pretty quickly as well. I honestly can't believe I'm filling up drives this fast. I mean a few months and I may be in need of a Terabyte or two.

Anyways I've got 1200+ feed items to read (thankfully feeds max out after a point) maybe one of them has a really cheap hard drive.

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