Life is Good

20.58.00 - Mark

Forget the stupid copy-wronged slogan, Life is good. The SxSW Music torrent I've been downloading for the last week and a half finished up when I was in winston salem. And we got lots of nice stuff, mostly out of need.

I've needed new shoes for a few weeks, so I have a new pair of trail shoes and a new pair of casuals, both of which are better than the pairs I have now. I need to break in the new trail shoes over the next couple of weeks because I'm finally going to go camping (real camping, no fixed structure stuff most people around here thing is "camping") which means I also get to air out my gear. Its been a solid 2 years since i've set it up, which is pretty sad. Ended up getting a couple new shirts as well. Nothing printed, just plain, comfortable, colored Ts. Didn't really need them but they were cheap.

Matt needed a new stereo so we went into target to get that. He's more than happy with it and we ended up getting a Flogging Molly, which goes well with the celtic music I've been picking up most recently.

Also picked up a couple books, the new Kevin Mitnick book, The Art of Intrusion, and the first Charles Stross novel Singularity Sky. Stross is in the same scifi sub genre (singularity fiction) as Cory Doctrow, one of my favorite authors. I also, almost got a moleskine notebook, which I've been salivating over for about two weeks now, but Barnes and Noble didn't have a large version in anything but squared line, and I want plain pages, or possibly lined, but not squared. So I passed. There is however, no way i am not getting one now. While I didn't write in one, I love the way they feel. The weight, the paper. I can see why they have attained playful cult status.

Lastly just ate one very good meal. There'e nothing like a nice thick swiss cheese burger with saut»ed mushrooms and onions chased by a cold cream soda. Now I'm watching U-571. Sub movies rock.

Yes life is good.

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