Mark Welker
304 Fairview Ave
Mount Airy, North Carolina 27030


A dynamic, creative, and motivated individual interested in finding solutions to problems invovling technology and community orginizations.


  • Developed and managed several high traffic websites
  • Buit and configured small servers
  • Installed and implemted small networks and computer labs
  • Employeers

    Webmaster: /
    January 2005 - September 2006
    Helped develop and implement all aspects of the website, the website for the young adult fiction by Bucket Monday. Working with the author I designed the website, implemented dynamic content management tools, and transfered content from manuscripts to web-friendly formats. In addition to site management I assisted in marketing and investigated publishing options, including ebooks and on-demand publishing.

    Web Designer / Developer : Carolina Carports, Inc.
    July 2005 - April 2006
    Working closely with IT, Marketing, and Sales staff at Carolina Carports, I redesigned their existing website to better incorporate it with thier printed materials. After an initial redesign I worked on expanding the site, writing copy for many of the pages. For this project I also developed numerous PHP scripts, including a basic Content Management System that generated static HTML pages.

    Owner and Operator of
    Early 2004 - Present is a combnation internet portal and community discussion website I am developing to serve Mount Airy NC and the surrounding area. Among other tasks I have developed business plans, presentations, content and the technical backend for the site. For the site I have also worked with local business leaders and orginizations to try and develop an internet stratigy for the area. While not yet live, it is expected to draw support from the community and see a profit in the first year.

    Raven Knob Scout Reservation
    Summers 2003, 2004, 2006
    Raven Knob is a summer camp run by the Boy Scouts of America. At Raven Knob I served as an instructer in the Trail to Eagle program, which sees nearly 1000 kids a summer. As an instructer I helped develop the program and instructer guides for my area. I worked with up to 120 individuals a week in subjects including Communications, Government at the Local, Nation and International levals. In 2006, I served as a photographer - taking, editing and upload photos for the camp website.

    Web Developer: Mount Airy News
    Late 2002 - Early 2003
    CSS and HTML implimentation of an inhouse site design and minor graphics support.


    Surry Community College
    Fall 2004 - Present (Expected Graduation December 2006)
    Currently enrolled in the Internet Technologies Degree Program. Course load has included classes on internet protocols, site design and structure, and an introduction to programming. As a student, provided insight to current web trends and acted as a mentor for several other students. Often work was above and beyond what was required under deadline.

    Mount Airy High School
    Graduated Spring 2004

    Skills and Intrests

    Summary: While I maintain an intrest in a wide range of subjects and am willing to work in both physical and mental capacities I am most skilled in technical fields including computers and communication.

    Computer and Technical: Extensive knowlege of the Macintosh Operating system and hardware, x86 hardware, solid knowlege of the Windows and Linux operating systems. Able to install and maintain small computer networks. Skilled with Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple Keynote, Apple iMovie and many internet browsers (Firefox, Mozilla, Safari and Internet Explorer). Comfortable with Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash, Apple Garageband, and sound/video editing tools.

    Internet Technologies: Skilled with hand-coding and macheine coded HTML, XHTML, and CSS for layout and design. Familiar with, and capable of implementing RSS and Atom as syndication tools. Capable of implementing Content Management Systems using PHP, and familiar with Flash, Javascript, and Perl scripting. Comfortable with many common server protocols and command line interfaces. Highly capable with Internet Research tools and skills.

    General Skills: Lateral thinking skills, problem solver, able to learn quickly, self-motivated, strong communications skills, moderation skills, willing to accept challenges.

    Non-profit Orginizations

    Worked as stage crew with Surry Arts Council, Ottumwa Community Players, and school productions with set construction, lighting and sound; Involvment with Build A Dream during the inital design process as well as skilled labor during build week.


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