KatrinaLand! The Iraq War and terrorism! King Arthur! Imaginary friends! Cancer! Freckles! Bullies! Child abuse! Drugs! Pimples! Homework! Girls! Boys! Adoption! Puberty! Sisters! Brothers! More homework! Grandma with green food stuck in her teeth! Grandpa always passing gas! Politicians! God!

How in the world are these serious subjects connected?

Just your everyday job helping a child understand,,, if you are a Majdelene!

“Most every child has had an imaginary friend,,, As it turns out, much to the joy of my heart, they aren’t imaginary,,, they are The Majdelene. Our children can use some friends right now,,, can’t they?”

R. “Bucket” Monday

Hillary Clinton,,, elected twice. (pi^Ng & Du’C)

Friendship, “goff”, King Arthur & a fuzzy fuzzit. (Ru’Di)

A lost Majdelene village, a lot of middle grade students and the worst “Mother” can throw at us. (KatrinaLand)

Stuttering, a phony “Great Adventure?” and the Iraq War a second time around. (pi^Ng & Du’C)

Being adopted, sand fleas (not what you think), freckles & abortion? (Mi’Kl)

And, yes,,, Bucket Monday really did live in a 10x16 ft. tent at the foot of Jo^Meo^Kee Mountain for 14 months while chronicling the stories of the Majdelene as told to him by the willowy, honey scented Majdelene woman. Yes,,, she and Ann Curry, of the Today Show, share a remarkable resemblance when they smile from their hearts.

Yes,,, the first story (Ru’Di) in the true-to-life accounts of the Majdelene is free!

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