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Linked on 2012-02-28 | Tagged : electronics MAKE NASA science

I've been using the lineman splice for years, and while I don't use it all the time, I'm certainly a fan of it, so it's cool to see that its NASA approaved. The only fault is that I don't always pre-tin the wire. [via MAKE directly - source is a NASA PDF]

Linked on 2012-02-26 | Tagged : cheerwine culture drinks food New York Times NYT soda

As a midwesteren transplanted into North Carolina, it took me a while to appreciate the joys of Cheerwine, but I'm officially hooked, but after looking for an alcoholic cocktail in which to use it as a mixed, I stumbled across this article on cult sodas. Cheerwine maybe the biggest of the udnerdogs, but I'm now on the hunt for a few others. Microbrew is no longer limited to beers.

Linked on 2012-02-26 | Tagged : articles coke economics slate soda trivia

Random trivia about Coca-Cola and their 70 years of selling bottles of coke for a mere 5 cents.

Linked on 2012-02-23 | Tagged : chemistry DIY electronics howto MAKE todo

A few months ago I posted a link to a college lab's video on making conductive ink . At the time I said i wanted to get some lab gear and do it myself. Well, since then someone has written up instructions on how they did it on a budget, and some DIY equiptment. I'm even more tempted to make some myself (even if it does use some nasty chemicals). [via MAKE]

Linked on 2012-02-22 | Tagged : MAKE Mike Bloomberg videos

Nice little speach by Mike Bloomberg, socially and economically - specifically the closing little quote "Stop talking, start making. Its good advise"

Linked on 2012-02-20 | Tagged : entertainment intel make science videos youtube

So cool, seeing a real life incarnation of a CGI animation that was made in the 90s (at least Animusic, the company that made the animations was started in the 90s). A little supprising that the physical product was by Intel [via MAKE]

Linked on 2012-02-16 | Tagged : animation books education MAKE tools videos

This has been sitting in my digital slushpile for a couple of weeks, so I don't remember the source, but even with as much experiance I've gained with tools, it's amazing how I forget (or simply neglect) some of the basics of tool care. Both the in the old book and the animated short film forms.

Linked on 2012-02-15 | Tagged : engineering life videos youtube

A dilemma every engineer will face at some point. [via adafruit]

Linked on 2012-02-15 | Tagged : education future New York Times society technology

It seems like there's a love/hate relationship between school districts and digital classrooms, and I remeber reading about some of the earliest adopters dropping thier projects after minimal results over a few years, however it's nice to see how it's possible to not only excel in digital education, but can do so at lower costs. I think it'll need more than 3 years to prove viable, but it's seems to be going in the right direction.

Linked on 2012-01-28 | Tagged : art LIFE photography science

Science, photography, and news crafted into an art. [via BoingBoing]

Linked on 2012-01-14 | Tagged : comics funny MAKE physics Rube Goldberg videos youtube

Absolutly charming Rube Goldberg Machine, there are plenty out there, but this one feels like it could be a reallife rendering of one of the original comics. [via MAKE]

Linked on 2011-12-19 | Tagged : automobiles cars education engineering history mechinics videos

I'll admit I'm not a full blown car guy, but I take care of my vehicles, and I'm always a sucker for the engineering side of things, so this Chevrolet video on a differentials delighted me for 10 minutes (even if a good cunck of that is pure fluff). I sort of want to find some old tinkertoys and built a model. [via wimp.com]

Linked on 2011-12-16 | Tagged : alcohol articles beer homebrew science

Beer brewing in ounces, rather than in gallons. I already knew coffee machines were capable of moonshine, I never conected them to beer brewing. I sort of doubt I'll bother to brew beer this way, but it's cool to know that I can.[via hackaday]

Linked on 2011-12-14 | Tagged : education mit physics random videos wisp

MIT's open course ware is a great project, and when I was studying Physics, and the recordings of Walter Lewin's lectures were informational (by nature) but also pretty entertaining, from the demostrations to in a quirky little way, the zipping raddle noise as he drew a dotted lines on the chalkboard. The demos you'll have to find yourself, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who winds the dotted line drawing facinating.

Linked on 2011-12-07 | Tagged : cello music starwars videos youtube

A long time ago (about 10 years ago) I played the cello (poorly), but I once tried to play songs from Star Wars. While I havn't picked up a cello in years, I still love the sounds and versatility, and this is a pleasure to watch.

Linked on 2011-12-01 | Tagged : nature pictures rustic tumblr websites

While there are things I don't like about tumblrs, I love this collection. The beauties of nature, and the endurance of the rustics, with the occassional glimpse of technology. I love it.

Linked on 2011-12-01 | Tagged : animation articles comics gif wired

It seems like everything needs video, including it seems, comic books. Sort of. While I like these animated gifs, and enjoy the occassional motion comic movie, there's only so much it can improve. Like novels, a well produced comic will let you dream...

Linked on 2011-11-29 | Tagged : google infographic logic search technology

While I've been online old enough to remember the benifits of boolean logic in search queries, not many people are. While my habits faded away as Altavista faded away as Google grew, I can still form complex but precise queries, Google or not. Certainly more than many of my friends could say, so this infographic is a handy refresher for me, and perhaps a decent introduction to the unenlightened.

Linked on 2011-11-15 | Tagged : adobe computers geek software technology

I once felt that iPads (and the subsequent pad computers) were not for me because, at the time, they couldn't handle streaming video, didn't have photoshop, and I wouldn't be able handle programing and arduinos. Well, video was quickly delt with, and Google Andrio plays well enough with Arduinos, and now Adobe has released touch apps to compliment its desktop bound Creative Suite. Between these developments and cloud computing I could almost adobt an iPad or android equivilent. Almost.

Linked on 2011-11-08 | Tagged : 10 commandments articles beliefs faith Penn Jillette religion USA Today

I'm always a bit annoyed when extremly religious individuals try to argue that to be a "good" person you need to live by the 10 commandments (and usually don't state which set of 10 commandments they go by) I usually won't argue with them, but it my mindset, "good" is defined by your personal beliefs and what your community will accept, not from lists given to you by arbitrarily assigned international organizations. You can take that as you will, but when you boil them down, it's essentially all the same. With that said, I like how Penn Jillette's 10 Commandments for Athiests has been getting some circulation...

Linked on 2011-11-03 | Tagged : beer electronics future register technology

My homebrew beer is mostly unlabeled, mostly because I don't want to disticker my bottles each batch, but I'd probably change my mind if I could print electronics circuits unto the bottles (at least, without spending thousands of dollars to do so). [via adafruit]

Linked on 2011-11-01 | Tagged : article education society truth wired

it's a sad truth that people of my generation know how to "use the internet", yet constantly display an inability to understand and evaluate the information they collect as they pull in their nets. It's sad when people are unable or unwiling to do even a little fact checking - online or off.

Linked on 2011-10-30 | Tagged : games mashup

Mashup of Breakout, Space Invaders, and Missle Command. [via Scalzi]

Linked on 2011-10-30 | Tagged : build cartoons childhood Disney make nostalgia videos youtube

One of the many things that helped me dream of being a builder, maker, invertor, was seeing Mickey Mouse "Boat Builder." As Mickey put it "All you do is put it together"

Linked on 2011-10-18 | Tagged : burning man hack ideas make photography timelapse todo videos

A Timelapse project, where a DSLR camera took a photo, every 10 minutes, for 5 weeks, in the middle of nowhere. The fact that it's for Burning Man is worth it from the start, but I've been thinking about doing a similar project for a while now, and this is very similar to what I've been considering. While I wasn't aiming for the 10 minute increments, its cool to know my pipe dream is actually feasible.

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