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Linked on 2012-09-10 | Tagged : beer beer openers klein bottles math technology tobuy

Math, Science, Technology, 3D printing, geekery, and beer all in one item - and I can buy one of these?!? Yes please! (starts saving up money) [via Evil Mad Scientist]

Linked on 2012-08-31 | Tagged : beer craft brews esquire sports

A craft brew for every NFL team. I'll admit that I'm not a sports junkie, but there's a good number of brews I'd like to try (and a few I know I'd happly enjoy again)

Linked on 2012-08-25 | Tagged : Adam Savage articles ideas tools wired

While I don't think I'll be building a similar toolbox, Adam Savage's tool list has me adding a few items to my wishlists.

Linked on 2012-08-25 | Tagged : Adam Savage geek ideas tools wired

There's part of me that loves the ideas behind Adam Savage's toolboxes, but I think I'm mostly content with my current rigs. [via boingboing]

Linked on 2012-07-21 | Tagged : diy electronics ideas MAKE todo

Neat idea for working with copper clad PCBs. I've engraved a few boards rather than use toner transfer etching processes, but the idea of cutting "islands" with a repurposed drill bit sounds like a fun challenge. [via hackaday]

Linked on 2012-07-07 | Tagged : electronics ideas make todo

Something I considered building a few years ago, although I'll admit that I had not thought about using an RGB LED, its certainly a nice touch.

Linked on 2012-07-07 | Tagged : ideas leadership life MAKE

I've been sitting on this article for over a week now, and while little of it is new from my experiences from working with scouting, it's a reminder I needed.

Linked on 2012-05-28 | Tagged : electronics howto ideas MAKE projects reference todo

Stylish take on building your own 7-segment LED displays. One I'm building is more industiral, but after building one, I can see myself building others.

Linked on 2012-05-22 | Tagged : apple front row hacks mac software

Somehow I missed the memo about Apple killing Front Row in 10.7, something I didn't use often, but still liked. Fortuatly there's a convient fix for it, and the various patches I talked about in 2010 still work, assuming you can find the downloads.

Linked on 2012-05-15 | Tagged : 3d printers cameras hacks ideas MAKE todo

I've been wanting to get an AC adapter for my digital cameras for a while now, and while I have the power supplies needed, the adapter component has been a question for a while. Just buy a complete set and accept the cost, or buy one hope I can find a quitable adapter for my cobbled together power supply? I see something like this and I'm that much more sure I want a 3d printer and a cnc milling machine. [via adafruit]

Linked on 2012-05-01 | Tagged : culture history ideas opinions politics slate society thoughtful

Interesting argument. Why do we celebrate the "talentless" when we used to celebrate the "talentless" along side the intellectuals. I think theres some fallacy on both ends of the author's timeline, but I think the point is the more important. Why do we no longer celebrate the most intellegent and creative? There are some that we do, the mainstream list is pretty small compared to the athletes, musicians and actors. While I don't think it's a social equivilent to Harrison Bergeron where we celebrate the average amd penalize the truely skilled, there are times when it seems close, I mean how many sceintists and surgeons do we have in political office?

Linked on 2012-04-30 | Tagged : 007 geek hack make videos youtube

So in James Bond's Tomorrow Never Dies, they dreamed up a car that Bond could drive with his cell phone. While that movie is 15 years old, a couple thusand dollars and you can drive a car with an iPhone. Admittedly there's no video feed (yet) so it's ore of an oversized RC car, but it's still pretty cool (and comes with some instructions and softwareâ€Â¦) [via adafruit]

Linked on 2012-04-29 | Tagged : articles instruments new york times nytimes photos piano Steinway

II'm not a piano player, but a well made instrument is a piece of art as much as it is a tool. The amount of work that goes into one like a Steinway is unquestionabl impressive.

Linked on 2012-04-24 | Tagged : art DannyHellman dr. suess funny society

Some fun pseudo Dr. Suess with a modern day bent. I know thhere's plenty of faked Dr. Suess art, but I sort of whicch this set made it to market (also check out part two)

Linked on 2012-04-15 | Tagged : cbs history Jim Henson muppets tv videos youtube

The pitch Jim Henson made to CBS for The Muppet Show. Historical yes, but great content as well. Sort of feels a bit like Network [via GeeksAreSexy]

Linked on 2012-04-10 | Tagged : arcade cool MAKE videos vimeo

Great video for a great story, cudos to Caine, a 9 year old boy who decided to build and operate his own arcade. [via MAKE]

Linked on 2012-04-09 | Tagged : beer geek music npr science youtube

Geek music with a celtic spin, all about the science of beer. Not for everyones taste, but I could have a few rounds of it. [via NPR]

Linked on 2012-04-08 | Tagged : ideas make reuse tools

You might love your tools whenâ€Â¦ or Note to self. Take your pick

Linked on 2012-04-08 | Tagged : articles education ideas literature society theatlantic

Neat to see that our society does read, with a Gallup survey showing about 48% of people are reading a book or novel. However, it leaves plenty of questions unanswered. While we are reading, are we reading Harry Potter and The Hunger Games or are we reading classics from Goethe and Mark Twain to more modern classics like Catch 22 or 1984 (at least outside the demands of classrooms), and perhaps the question of if it even matters. It'll take time and further studies to understand the enviroment, but as someone with an evergrowing slush pile of literature, it's good to know I'm not alone...

Linked on 2012-04-02 | Tagged : food geek ideas MAKE

As much for the DIY sriracha as the history behind it and the amusing webcomic MAKE links to.

Linked on 2012-03-31 | Tagged : art crafts make todo

Advanced math power tools = art? This is certainly on my todo list.

Linked on 2012-03-16 | Tagged : business culture infographic society

A few cases of why you shouldn't piss of your customers, especially if you're a massive business operating on the international scale. [via Hacking Netflix]

Linked on 2012-03-15 | Tagged : history science TED videos

Great talk by Adam Savage on why even simple ideas are so important. Well worth the 8 minutes.

Linked on 2012-03-03 | Tagged : comics life xkcd

I could live with Error: -41, actaully I sort of have over the last few summers.

Linked on 2012-02-28 | Tagged : articles business culture nytimes technology

AT&T and Bell labs were being split up before I was born, but there's something appealing about the way Bell Labs used to operate. A center where thinkers and builders were working under the same roof, and the diverse skill set with an open door policy. While I know businesses need bureaucracy and management to run , I love finding a job where there's a fair amount of freedom available, with the resources and time permitted to pursuit ones ideas and goals. Thankfully it seems like there are lots of modern businesses picking up what Bell Labs left behind, but it's great reading about what Bell used to be. I'll probably be looking for the authors's book when I get a chance. [via Adafruit]

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