09.32.23 - Mark

For a long time I really hated YouTube. I hate most things that mandate flash, didn't like the forced online viewing, the low video quality, and the hordes of idiots that sites like myspace and youtube can attract. All that said, YouTube is actually growing on me, not as a publishing method (you won't find any of my videos up there) but as a discovery method.

Last August, I was searching the web high and low for some music videos Cartoon Network used to run as bumpers (and still do on occasion), specifically one based on Jabberjaw (see the post I wrote)

After a month or two of on and off searching I found it streaming off of some Yahoo server and managed to hack up a download solution. Of course, now over a year later, the video can be found in seconds and is a lot higher quality than the one I first found (there are a few instances of that video on youtube as I write this)

Of course the problem is that the reasons I'm starting to like youtube isn't because it makes it easier to make and publish videos, but because its a great engine for copyright infringement. Too bad big media is starting to see youtube in the same light.

I'd love it if they allowed it to be used for sharing clips and short videos. A copyright holder could probably make a lot of money off the advertising they could stick next to short videos like the cartoon network shorties and looney toon segments rather than let the old videos waste away in a vault somewhere.

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Get a Real Server.

15.33.20 - Mark

Am I the only person who gets annoyed when I'm directed to YouTube.com and Google Video? Its not that they're well poorly constructed services, they've useable, but I have a strong dislike of streaming of all varieties. While it doesn't help I'm on the lowend of what the FCC allows ISPs to hoc as broadband, I like to flip between half a dozen tabs and a couple applications. When I'm ready to sit down and watch video, that's all I want to do so I usually watch in full screen mode. I want it to be there on my hard drive for local access when I have complete and total control over the video playback. No lag, no dropped frames, no weird browser quirks that crash my system or worse - "forbid" me from watching a video with my browser/OS combination in the first place. Hell I want to be able to watch it without needing to hook up to the interwebs (face it, Wifi might be popular but it still doesn't exactly have the strongest showing in NWNC).

Sure I could screen cap it a couple times and edit over the dropped parts, but that takes time I shouldn't have to waste.

Of course there's also Google's New video store deal, which looks like one huge rip off. 1 Day, windows only streaming video that. While I might (emphasis on might) be convinced to pay a couple dollars for a favorite star trek episode for that $2 I want to download it and play it offline when ever I want. Demanding that I pay $2 for a 24 hour viewing window for a single TV show is proof enough for me that someone at Google/CBS is drinking the Kool-aid.

Anyways, if you're doing video online, get a real server and let me download the stuff.

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