Weapons of Mass Destruction

11.45.37 - Mark

Do you get the feeling that this country really, really likes having its arsenal of weapons. Our government basically ignored this attempt to ban cluster bombs, we've been ignoring the Ottawa Treaty, an attempt to ban land mines for ten years and we backed out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. We have signed the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty on nuclear weapons but haven't ratified it.

Makes you wonder why we were so obsessed with Iraq's WMD stockpiles.

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Support our troops, duh.

00.22.49 - Mark

With the "surge" that our supreme overlord Bush has been "selling" the country on is once again bringing up this mess about "Support our troops". Which brings me to a simple question. What sort of sociopathic bastard would not support our troops? Is there anyone in America who is not supporting our troops? I mean aside from misguided congress critters claiming to "demonstrate fiscal responsibility" when voting on war funds.

The second gulf war is not going to end soon enough.

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Staying the course - plus 21,000

23.42.31 - Mark

Bush's speech about his "new plan" for Iraq seems to be anything but. The speech itself seems recycled, dragging out his old shields like 9/11/01, and the plan itself is little different than what seems to be going on now. There were also clear fallacies in his plan. While he may have told Iraqi leaders that they need to step up and take control over their country or see American forces leave, but in the same speech he also said that any sort of withdraw from Iraq at this point in time would result in a disastrous catch-22. Fewer troops means increased violence and a near total destabilization in the middle east, which in turn would require even more troops (repeat ad nauseum). At the same time we're sending in diplomats to establish peace in the region - attempting to do something in a matter of months that hasn't been atainable in a matter of centuries.

It doesn't help matters that everyone is trying to apply victory and defeat concepts to this mess. I don't believe there will be anything resembling a decisive victory in Iraq, and applying those concepts isn't going to help anyone reach an acceptable resolution. Until then, I'm just going to try and forget the fact that I'm going to be paying for this mess for the rest of my life.

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00.51.43 - Mark

It's one thing to complain about the Bush administration, the US government in general, and the sad state of affairs in Iraq when you only have a vague connection to the whole middle east mess.

It's another when it hits close to home. Yesterday I found out that someone I knew,Jonathan E. Schiller was killed in Iraq last week.

Jon and I weren't friends exactly, but we tended to run into each other. I think our families went to the same church, and about the time I pretty much stopped attending church I started seeing him at orchestra practices at school. Jon played the sting bass and I was almost always the last chair cello so we occasionally talked (but more frequently hit each other with our bows)

If I went back to Iowa I certainly wouldn't be looking him up in a phone book, but I did know him, and I have several other, significantly closer, friends serving in various branches of the armed forces that could have been killed just as easily. You can't just shrug that off.

Here's to a quick resolution of this war - in whatever form that solution is

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Lame Ducks

17.12.20 - Mark

Here's the latest in Bush's War on Porn

The idea of any form of mandatory labeling is completely ridiculious. Not only will you have plenty of US based sites ignoring it, you will have nearly all of the non-US, and yes Uncle Sam, there is such as thing as a website based in a country other than ours, ignoring it. Trying to create and enforce legislation to force websites into labeling themselves is a waste of everyone's time, effort, and those precious few tax payer's dollars we haven't given away in business subsudies or the middle east.

I can understand why some people want the government to deal with the porn "problem". I want the government to be there to protect me from the big things I can't handle, like nuclear arms and other governments, but a little objectionable content? Thank you, but no.

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