Tag, you're it

11.17.25 - Mark

I'm constitently getting into arguments with teachers about the validity of metadata and keywords in HTML (I think its bull) But I hold a better opinion of tagging because its got a finer resolution. Its the difference between telling someone to describe themselves in 5 words and telling someone to explain their political views in 5 words. It also doesn't hurt that there are search engines that are collecting information by tags, and that there are few if any search engines that put any weight into keywords and metadata.

Unfortunatly I'm the "student" and they're the "teachers" and we're all in one of the less technical parts of North Carolina so I usually get to be "wrong"

However it looks like the non blogging and Web 2.0 internet are starting to adopt tagging. Amazon has had it for a while, and now it looks like Slashdot is putting some tag functionality into its CMS. While the teachers might not read slashdot, amazon is a regular case study for us.

Maybe before I graduate they'll relize I haven't been talking out of my ass (entirely) for the last 2 years

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Comments on Categories

03.25.19 - Mark

I figured I should make a comment about the way I'm handling categories on this site for two reasons. First, its a new feature to the blog since the move from Blogger, and secondly, because its not really structured.

Because I made this move after several hundred posts, its not very practical to implement a category system retroactively, so I've trying a free form approach. There are some categories that are very quickly coming forward, like video, computers, school, life, and stuff. However most things aren't, and as I've been making new posts here I've been treating my categories more as web2.0 tags, phrases, and slashdot like department jokes.

The links to my "category" pages have the tag relationship for the benefit of Technorati (which produces a nice tag cloud on my profile page), even the forms for the posting engine refer to my categories as "tags".
Engine's Tag form
Running though my logs I can see where it seems to confuse users, and part of that is my odd implementation. I really need to make a distinction between key onsite categories, and the tags used for web 2.0ish things. I should also fix the way links are made, since a number of categories I've make result in messy URLs, which break some of my engine's inner-workings.

I think some higher logic will emerge, but for now I think I'll keep up the odd tag/category system. Just one more thing for users of this site to be aware of. Anyways, it's late, I'm going to bed.

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