Another reason I hate DRM

20.32.54 - Mark

I've ranted on DRM before (I may have even started a post like that before), but when it's wasting my money, I tend to get upset. I'm a happy Netflix customer, I've slowed down my watching a lot since I first started but I still like the service. I'd like it more if I could use their watch now feature, but right now I can't. It would be one thing if the software on their end wasn't there yet, but it's not. As Hacking Netflix points out the watch now stuff works just fine on the Mac (I've checked on the Mac, but not the Ubuntu box) It's the fucking DRM that's depriving me use of my Netflix account and the 17 hours of video I could be getting every month.

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23.58.30 - Mark

I really don't like compression fittings, they're a really good example of a technology that doesn't improve on time tested techniques, such as soldering. So after 5 hours of hacksawing, filing, bending, twisting, and hitting on a compression fitting and the pipes I was trying to attach it to I'm simply going to go out and buy some lead free solder and a copper coupling and fix the damned thing in a matter of minutes.

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