Radio Randomization

09.22.11 - Mark

Recently my sleep cycle has been closer to a racoon's than your standard human, and part of that has been waking up and eating breakfast. This morning while eating a pile of pancakes I turned on NPR rather than my ususual podcasts. Glad I did. NPR was running this story on the i-Bod which was well produced, right down to the NPR reporter kicking the can while testing the device - I think it was in beta. Normally NPR won't kill it's reporters on air, but I think they were justified here (pledge week - gotta bring up those ratings), and I hope that there won't be that many angry liberals calling the FCC. (BTW check the date)

It really reminded me of Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything, which unlike normal NPR broadcasts, dosen't wait for April 1st to mix real reporting, smart interviews, well formed opinions, and a good bit of well staged fiction. I love it so much so that I'm working on both ends of the archives, listening to the archives from when it was a standard fixed time on-air broadcast as well as its current incarnation as an alt.npr podcast. Give it a good, dedicated listen, also check out AmigoFish which was the first of several things that turned me on to the Theory of Everything.

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Space Suit Satellites

00.55.30 - Mark

A few weeks ago I heard about a project called suitsat which was repurposing an old Russian Space suit for use as a satellite. They stuck in a Ham radio and a few extra batteries and shoved it out the airlock door sometime Friday afternoon.

It's a neat project with a lot of potential for allowing us to repurpose some of the junk we've launched into space at a cost of millions of dollars. Plus there was a secret message, and secret messages are always fun.

I had been hoping to listen but unfortunately after a couple orbits, both before it made any decent passes near NC, suitsat failed, which is a shame. NASA thinks the batteries froze, so I'm sure they'll cook up a solution and make another disposable satellite. I really wanted to try and listen in some time this weekend and make an attempt at decoding the picture. Of course I though I was magically going to listen on a radio set that didn't support the transmission, but failed hardware on their part means I don't have to admit my brain fart, wait a minute....

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Morals, Ethics, and Phone Calls from God

16.55.20 - Mark

"You never hear about an Atheist going on a cross country shooting spree because No God didn't call to tell him not to"

Not that I really need another podcast, especially from a commercial radio station with a miserable RSS feed and exceptionally vague track names and nearly impossible to navigate websites, but I'm loving the snippets that are being podcast from Penn Jillette's Radio Show

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