Customer Service

00.01.42 - Mark

Usually I rant about how much customer service sucks, which is because it usually does, however it's always a treat to find some that doesn't suck. Canon's customer service made me happy a while back when it didn't take 5 hours to convince them my camera was broken, but Pilot Pens really surprised me. I'm a mild pen geek, and my current everyday use pen is the Pilot Precise V5 RT.

It writes smoothly, has a narrow line, and it makes a nice clicking sound. It's great to write with but I had two problems. First it's light. I personally prefer heavier pen bodies, metal pens being my favorite, second is that the pocket clip on the V5 RT's was really horribly designed. The inside of the clip was made in a way that it catches on threads all the time. I'd reach for my pen and start ripping up my pants. Not good.

Anyways I shared my opinion with Pilot, and I was really looking for a metal pen body that took the V5 ink. I guess no such thing exists, since I never heard back from Pilot (not even the automatic confirmation email most places send out), but a few days after I messaged them, a package arrived with a couple of V Ball RT pens that can use the same ink as the V5. The bodies are more or less identical, same materials and features, they weigh the same, but it's a little sturdier and the clip had a lot more though put into it.

I know most people could care less about my pen choices, but if a pen company can get customer service right, why can't larger more customer centric companies not?

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Muddy Signals

02.14.36 - Mark

I can be very very picky about the products I buy. I love quality in design, durability, and functionality, so sometimes even simple purchases can be a royal pain in the ass by my own doing.

Right now I'm in a bitch of a decision. The Sony MDR-EX71SL's I bought barely 6 months ago have been falling apart for over a month - the insulation is melting off - and on Friday the right bud just died. While this is completely and totally unacceptable of a $50 (now ~$30) pair of headphones, its another when there are scores of people who have the same problem (as if the Sony Rootkit wasn't enough of a reason to stop buying from Sony)

I loved the improved audio they offered and they sold me on the idea of canel phones, but I'm not forking over for a new pair each 6 months

So now I'm in search of a new pair of in canal earphones that won't break the bank. A simple task was never so hard. There are hundreds if not thousands of headphones out there ranging from the ultralowcost OEM headphones to the OK sounding mug-me white earbuds Apple ships with the iPod to custom molded things that cost 2 - 3 times the cost of a video iPod - and its not like many places encourage a test drive.

So after lots and lots of reading and searching, I think I'm getting a pair of Sennheiser CX300's I'm still the typical poor college student so $60 is still a hit, but between working this summer and a slight infux of cash for some of my web work, I'll manage.

I hope.

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