Goober's Pizza

23.43.52 - Mark

Goober's BBQ Pizza I'm picky about my pizzas, but Goober's Pizza a spin off of the already awesome Goober's 52, (warning - sucky hyper annoying flash content at both sites) produces decent California style pizza. They advertise "Chicago style" pizza which on it's own isn't bad, but is far from even resembling authentic Chicago deep dish pizza. Photo at left is the BBQ Chicken California style pizza I split with my brother earlier tonight. It was good.

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Mmmmm Pizza....

16.30.08 - Mark

I think the Italians have it right, good pizza should be protected by law. I think you can even take it a step further and suggest that the horrible things that are produced in fast food restaurants and sold out of freezers should be considered sacrilegious. OK, both of those are a little extreme. While Pizza may be directly related to the flying spaghetti monster, sharing the tomato sauces that feed their wheat based bodies, the Italian pizza laws are far too narrow minded. They are absolutely correct however that pizza is an Art, and should be appreciated as one.

Pizza is easily one of my favorite foods. It's cheap - simple homemade pizzas rarely cost more than $5, amazingly versatile - I regularly use them to clear stray foodstuffs from the fridge, and when done properly delicious.

In the last 5 days I've made as many pizzas, from a vegetarian caramelized onion and mushroom pizza to a meat (and pickle) packed cheeseburger pizza. Even classics like pepperoni or pepperoni and sausage to new classics like ham and pineapple.

I mean if you have a dough ball and a some cheese, you can probably find some decent combination of toppings for a homemade pizza. It really isn't rocket surgery.

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15.44.00 - Mark

Driving from NC to Chicago then coming back all in three days is almost suicidal. It can be done, but its by no stretch of the imagination fun or easy. However, it was important to make this trip this weekend since it was for my Great Grandmother's Memorial service (She lived to be 104 - so don't feel the need to express false sympathies).

While we didn't have a lot of free time in Chicago, one thing I was really itching for was a real deep dish pizza (I take pizza seriously) but for a variety of reasons we didn't get one while we were in Chicago. However I did get a Chicago Style Pizza out of the trip, just not from an expected place....

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