Bird House Abduction

23.45.22 - Mark

Two for one special on photos today, but same subject in the same photoshot, but two very cool photos. One of my favorite things to do with a camera is light painting and manipulation. I don't do it that often since my Canon S3IS doesn't do the best with long night time exposures (a side effect of not being a DSLR), but I try. Anyways the photos:

Radioactive Bird FeederBird Feeder Abduction

Left : Radioactive Bird Feeder - View Large (2112 x 2816)

Right : Bird Feeder Abduction View Large (2112 x 2816)

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Blue Skys

22.01.28 - Mark

The best part about living in a mountainous area is that there is no shortage of beautiful vistas. That said I'm sure I'll run out of stunning panoramic images. However that day is not today. This one was taken at Pilot Mountain a week or two before peak color, but there are a few trees that offered some color. I may crop this image whenever I get it printed (the left fence rail bugs me a little bit), but I'm having a hard time deciding where to make the crop, so for now I'm posting the cleaned up, squared off version.

Pilot Mountain Panoramic

Blue Skies at Pilot Mountain
View Medium (3575 x 1024) Suitable for on screen staring.
View Large (9119 x 2612) Suitable for printing.

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Blink on, Blink off

01.08.29 - Mark

3x3x3 LED cube powered by an Arduino board This afternoon / evening, after a great weekend of camping, I finished up the Arduino powered 3x3x3 LED Cube I started on last week. I ended up making a run out to the local Radio Shack to get some transistors since I was too lazy to try and re-purpose some from the junk pile, then ended up walking out of the store with a breadboard and a jumper wire kit. Spent more than I would have liked to but I think it will end up being a sanity preserver.

The way I ended up wiring it is each column of LEDs gets a connection to an output pin of the Arduino board, and each level shares a cathode connection. Each level has a transistor being used as a switch that controls if the circuit is closed.

Now I'm into the programming part of the project. I'm setting up simple animations and I'm slowly exploring the control structures. Arduino is C based, so I'm recognizing a lot of similar syntaxes to PHP, but I'm getting used to the forced camelCasing (which is something I hate)

As I get more ambitious with the programming I think I'm going to try and add some random functions to it and see about connecting a microphone to one of the analog inputs and make it more of a light organ. I want to get a few more animation sequences developed first.

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All Dried Up

13.08.31 - Mark

I don't really have a reason for posting this, certainly since it's from when I went up to Camp Raven Knob two weeks ago, I've just been rambing way too much recently.

Dry Lake Bed at Camp Raven Knob

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