To DIY, or not to DIY

20.18.38 - Mark

Its been over two weeks (wow) since my iBook decided to cease and desist, and I think I'm finally (read: maybe) getting around to making a decision about fixing it myself. The trackpads for the g4 iBooks seem to be standard, and I can get a new one of those for $25 on ebay, the problem becomes the motherboard. Its not the cost, which still seems to be in the area of $200 - $300 but rather the avalibility of the same model motherboard. There are very few 1GHz board on eBay, and the prices for the online stores are significantly higher. There are however, plenty of 1.2GHz boards and 1.33 GHz boards, which in all honesty would be a nice little pot of gold at the end of this screwed up little rainbow. The problem is that I'm finding it very hard to find out if those faster boards are compatible with the rest of my parts pile. It looks like they are the same shape, and I've seem some reports saying that they are compatible, but I'm also seeing sites say they're not. I kind of miss the old days, when it was easy to find out what boards were swapable and what wasn't

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