A note to an idiot.

21.44.42 - Mark

To the fucktard on the trail today
you know who you are
with your two kids and your bike
and and your clear cut road rage

I'm sorry you felt that I cut you off
when I passed your bike
but sometimes it happens-
I did try to steer clear

I didn't hear any cruses
nor heard any brakes
but the trail itself
is only a few feet wide

With no injuries or foals
you sought your revenge
you positioned your bike
at the trails official end

You laid in wait
had your kids in tow
all making your strike
look like a regular break

You let me Dad pass
how nice of you
but before I followed
you made your move

I saw it in you eyes
before you moved your bike
what the fuck were you thinking
trying to get me to fly off my bike!

You're lucky I stopped
or I would have sued -
I'd have gone into the creek or maybe some posts
or worse of all t-boned you or you kids.

I would have taken the bird
maybe even a stern word
but inducing a wreak?
What does that solve?

(Writing this was a hell of a lot more relaxing than the usual long winded rant.)

Prose decoded: I'm traveling a decent speed on my bike when I pass another rider and his kids towards the end of a local and popular bike trail. I ride around a parking lot at end of trail to get an extra 1/8mile or so (its rounds out the mileage) by the time I get back to the trail, the guy and his kids are taking a break. My Dad, whose riding a few dozen yards ahead of me passes just fine. I get within 15 feet of this asshat and he starts moving himself and his bike deliberately into my path, almost entirely blocking the trail entrance. My options are: 1) Slam on the brakes and pray I don't T-bone the asshole and his bike, 2) slam on the brakes and try not to run over his kids, 3) veer off to my right and take a 7 foot fall into a very shallow creek or 4) veer off to the left and run into a nasty vehicle barrier. If I hadn't been watching out for the kids, and saw him moving into my path, I'd be typing this with a bad case of road rash and some nasty cuts. I managed to brake and evade, but his "justification" for his insane game of chicken? "How do you like being cut off?" It almost would have been worth it to.

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Too long

00.19.02 - Mark

It has occured to me that its been well over a year since I last went camping. Sadly its been even longer (at least another 6 months) since the last time I really went camping, pitching a tent or building my own shelter out of rope and timber. This is easily the longest I've been without camping in nearly 10 years.

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