01.26.59 - Mark

ConvergeSouth is this weekend, and I've enjoyed going to it for the last two years. I'll be there again Saturday, although I'm not actually registered. I misread preregistration closes Tuesday as preregistration closes Thursday, not that I should have been procrastinating in the first place.

Good thing they still invite people to come, it already looks like it's going to be a great event.

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NPR Using Blog Comments for Marketing?

14.00.30 - Mark

NPR seems to be using comments on blogs ( same comment different blog) to market their podcasts. Or at least "This I Believe" is.

As best I can tell the Administrator for "This I Believe" ran a search on Technorati for blog posts tagged Penn Jillete, where I'm the 8th hit (the other blog I found the comment on was was 9th) then just pasted the comment into the form, submitted it and moved on to the next blog.

NPR Commenter's Referal

The comment is a pretty bland message that comes close to being comment spam, and while I allow anonymous comments, signing the message as "Admin" doesn't earn them any points, a real name or even "This I Believe" would have been much better. Despite those two items, I think it's neat that NPR (or at least some of its programs) are embracing not only podcasts, but blogs and other "new media" tools as a way of reaching interested parties. The certainlly have a ways to go in terms of making their content an open conversation, which in the end is the real strength of "new media", but the fact that they're experimenting with the tools is very encouraging.

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Long time coming

19.25.48 - Mark

I've been wondering for several years how long it was going to take for my former high school to get around to complaining about blogs, turnes out several years. They're holding their first informational session about "the internet and your child" next week. Part of me abhors the idea of returning to that wretched stink hole, but another part of me wants to know how much misinformation they'll be feeding parents about the internet. This would be the same computer education department that tried to pass Hypercard off as Apple's less capable answer to Powerpoint. Sure...

The part of me that wants to be tortured wouldn't be doing it just to gain plesure from mass media induced ignorance, its been kicking around the idea of doing a new media workshop like several other communities around NC have done. I'm fairly sure there are a number of people in the area interested in blogging, audio and video podcasts, wikis, etc. it would be nice to shed some light on those subjects and help shave away some of the digital divide.

See, I don't hate all forms of education (just the overly organized I'm right you're wrong model)

Anyways My CDs are burned (I miss the ability to update my iPod with fresh podcasts) I'm going to go see if I can't collect my brother's boat anchor of a laptop from CompUSA.

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