Dueling Platforms

09.01.30 - Mark

Someone has figured out how to duel boot a MacBookPro (I still think it's a silly name) with OS X and Windows XP. They also piecked up $14,000 for the work. link

If Apple releases a 12" Intel 'book of any variety before I fix my iBook, I'll be giving some serious thought into moving up to a new system rather than a repair.

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What's an Intel Chip Doing in a Mac

14.21.51 - Mark

I've been lusting over the iMac G5's for a while now. It's not that my iBook is old and beaten, its just that I've been pressing it a little hard for what it is. Portables, especially consumer portables aren't exactly up to the challenges that major geeks pup on them. That's not a complaint, as the thing is a does really well for most things, but I could do with some more drive space and some more power to kick around for video and the like.

With today's announcement of Intel iMacs and MacBookPro (what a horrible name - it sounds like accounting software) the drooling was kicked up a notch. I don't need another portable, since I'm making do with the one I've got, but after I replace my iPod, I might be giving some serious though into getting an iMac. They're a hell of a deal, and of corse by the time I can afford one, they might have those famous first version kinks worked out.

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