Loud RF

01.14.22 - Mark

I don't need many more reasons to hate Cingular. Lousy coverage, lousy service, and painful RF noise. Chasing down audio problems is not one of my strong points, but I've been hearing loud obnoxious, painful ear piercing noises coming out of my various speakers. While browsing tonight I actually came across my answer on accident. The noise I've been hearing has been Cingular cellphone signals bleeding over into my speakers. Fun.

Apparently it's also enough to completely blow out a speaker, which isn't all that surprising if you've heard that noise and lived to tell about it. Somehow I doubt Cingular would replace that hardware.

Figured out while reading Bunnie Huang's blog (He's the guy that hacked the original xbox), where there's a link to an amusing Cingular/Apple parody video.

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Refuse to be Terrorised

23.41.39 - Mark

I was about to post Bruce Schneier's "Refuse to be Terrorized" essay on my Intersting Links Page, but I think it deserves a little more comment that I like to place with links. Despite what you maybe hearing from the Government or Media the Terrorists have won - our country is living in fear. Maybe not all of us, but enough of us that we regularly see articles about "hoax devices" in Boston, or the random racist woman who keep flights grounded for 10 hours while some non-white guy(s) get questioned by Homeland Security.

We now put up with invasive security checks at airports while some other screener is taking away all but 6oz of liquid, since someone decided Hydrogen Dioxide can be used to blow up airplanes.

Its insane with no end in sight. We as a nation need to move past 9/11 (we didn't use the Oklahoma City bombing as a righteous cause, we don't bring it up to win arguments like we do with 9/11), past our invasion of the middle, and strive towards building a country were we acknowledge legitimate security issues and address them rationally. We need to start living in the real world, and not in some fantasy land where a guy with a gun and a cell phone can foil any terrorist plot (or three) you can throw at him while dealing with personal issues all in 24 hours

Just stop being afraid.

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Cycling in Comfort

09.23.21 - Mark

I love tales like the couch bike. Smiles and wanderlust all around.

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Something Borrowed From Tomorrow

16.48.29 - Mark

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. gave a speech to the Sierra Club back in September 2005 and having read over the transcripts and I'd say its one of those things that everyone should set aside some time to read and think about. While it is a little thin on evidence, and I wish there was a good reference list at the bottom of the transcript, I don't have a problem accepting most of the statements.

Like anything else relating to the environment and today's world, it takes its swings at George W. Bush, and for some that's reason enough to read it, but it also makes some great points about corporations, politics, the press, and more.

One item that really struck me was his comments about how there isn't a great ideological difference between the red and blue states, I think anyone who heard of purple states during the last election is aware of that, but that there is a huge difference in awareness, with red states suffering from a lack of it. Of corse, that can be a problem with both parties.

Anyways, go and chew your way though the speech. It's easily worth a few minutes of your time.

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