Five Years in waiting

01.51.38 - Mark

Five years ago when Apple released the first iPods and I was still really active with Applefritter I remember the first comments being about how fast it would be hacked, and I was personally itching for someone to do a clear iPod mod. At the time, I had a wicked obsession with Apple's design, from the box you get it in to the parts you probably should never see (like the smiley face on the bottom of the 7200 motherboards). I also liked clear cases. To a lesser extent both are still true today.

Unfortunatly, the clear case mod idea was shot down pretty quickly when I was in a chat room while someone else was doing a live discetion/review of their brand new First gen and commented on how the white portion was molded into the clear outer plastics. At least, it was until today.

iPodmods.com has made an announcement that it will be selling Clear front panels for iPods. 4G, nanos and video iPods are first up. I won't be modding the video I own (not yet at least) but my existing 4th gen actually needs a new front panel (at least I think that's whats broken this time) so I may be jumping all over this in a few weeks.

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Making iPod Accessories

15.23.47 - Mark

iPod Stand I saw this iPod stand on the web somewhere last week (the link with it was to a German forum), and since then I've been playing with the idea of doing sometime similar. I might try and do a charge/sync dock since it's possible to buy iPod conectors in small quantities. The brain storming begins...

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15.31.41 - Mark

I'm done, very happily done. I'm beaten to hell and I kind of feel like a slimy used car salesman. The site I delivered this morning in my internet projects class was finished about 5 minutes after the "client" walked in. It works, but there are plenty of bugs and broken features that are just under the surface - bugs I made a point of not going near to. It should be a little more stable that bailing wire and bubble gum, but I don't know by how much. I suppose I'll see if I ever get an email asking how in the hell to fix it - there's about as much documentation on that code as there is on academic circles within migrating schools of fish.

I non-junk news I decided to go for the CX300 headphones that I mentioned the other day. I picked up some cash on one of the websites I manage so I could afford them, I would have picked them up anyways - I went back to the white ear buds for a day and after I get my package on Wednesday, the apple earbuds are getting tossed. I'd rather not listen to music than use them again. (and for the record, I'm not an audiophile by any strech of the imagination)

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Muddy Signals

02.14.36 - Mark

I can be very very picky about the products I buy. I love quality in design, durability, and functionality, so sometimes even simple purchases can be a royal pain in the ass by my own doing.

Right now I'm in a bitch of a decision. The Sony MDR-EX71SL's I bought barely 6 months ago have been falling apart for over a month - the insulation is melting off - and on Friday the right bud just died. While this is completely and totally unacceptable of a $50 (now ~$30) pair of headphones, its another when there are scores of people who have the same problem (as if the Sony Rootkit wasn't enough of a reason to stop buying from Sony)

I loved the improved audio they offered and they sold me on the idea of canel phones, but I'm not forking over for a new pair each 6 months

So now I'm in search of a new pair of in canal earphones that won't break the bank. A simple task was never so hard. There are hundreds if not thousands of headphones out there ranging from the ultralowcost OEM headphones to the OK sounding mug-me white earbuds Apple ships with the iPod to custom molded things that cost 2 - 3 times the cost of a video iPod - and its not like many places encourage a test drive.

So after lots and lots of reading and searching, I think I'm getting a pair of Sennheiser CX300's I'm still the typical poor college student so $60 is still a hit, but between working this summer and a slight infux of cash for some of my web work, I'll manage.

I hope.

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Once again iPod

17.08.32 - Mark

Hopefully this won't be my track record for getting a new laptop, but after 4 and a half months of living without my regular iPod I've finally fixed it. All it took was about 5 minutes, a junk mail credit card, and an $80 hard drive off of eBay. Its not an obvious task, but there are plenty of places that have write ups, videos, and photos on how to open XYZ iPods. Considering how cheap it was I'm almost kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

Reloading it with my DRMed music from my non-function Mac will be another matter but I'll figure that out over the next few days (then I'll be reclaiming my rights to use my music where ever the hell I want to).

First I need to pull a miricle out of my ass for a PHB like teacher who is oblivious to the Pick Two Trilemma of Working, Documented, On Time

Considering how funky IIS is with PHP code, he might just be getting one on Monday.

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No Shows

13.53.10 - Mark

I've been watching MacRumors Live feed of the todays Apple announcement, and unfortunatly they didn't mention anything of laptops. Mac Mini has a boost and some sort of iPod stero, but nothing that benifits me today. Like most Apple products they sound cool, and I've been wanting to get my hands on a Mac Mini for almost as long as they've been out, but there was certainly nothing in the event that helps me make a decision about fixing/replacing my iBook, and I need a mobile system.

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Small Screen, Big Display, No Show

13.12.40 - Mark

A number of sites I watch are buzzing about an article on "EyeBuds", a head mounted display and how HMDS are going to become common place thanks to portable video devices and other shrinking screens. While some of it seems to be hype, I think this is going to be the future, but not as they're presenting it. I could write a paper on why that's the case, but the short version is that to become as common and accepted as Bluetooth headsets, video headsets need to become multifunctional, easy to use, and unimposing.

I can leave a bluetooth headset on all day, share it between several devices fairly easily, and not have to worry about it getting in the way while I'm not using it. The current generations of HMDs just aren't there, and its going to take a few generations with significant progress in several fields before they come close.

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