Hope for the ClampBooks

20.45.47 - Mark

I've learned to live with my iBook, and that fact that the only thing keeping it working is a piece of cardboard. However before the cardboard, there was the clamp. I've tried telling Apple that this is their fault, but they refuse and tell me that I stilled liquids on the motherboard, which is extremely insulting. It has bugged me that there has been a lack of a US class action lawsuit (just as much as it bugs me that one is necessary), but a recently decided Danish complaint case could be changing that.

I hope Apple will fix this iBook. I've always been a strong advocate for Apple, and I lost a good bit of faith in Apple after the way they treated me. Them fixing it would almost make up for it. Even if they don't fix it it's getting time for me to upgrade, but my iBook is still usable, and I'd hate to junk it just to avoid passing on its quirks.

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Son of the ClampBook

03.08.13 - Mark

Remember the Clamp Book? My two year old iBook from hell that has spent the last nine months alternating between being dead, on life support, and comatose? Yeah well its back. In mid August the old HD started crapping out (probably because it was being pinched by the clamp) and eventually got to the point where I was unable to boot it and do anything useful with the system. Late last week I picked up a cheap 20GB laptop drive figuring I could revive the laptop or make a decent little external. Well after two or three take aparts, and several hours cloning a working OS I have this evil little system work again. While mucking about in the thing I tried placing cardboard shims in the case (once again) and seem to have placed them in the right spots - as I'm cautiously typing this post on the white devil - minus red clamp and external keyboard.

There has been some other pleasant geekiness in the last 24 hours, but I'll save that for when I'm on a known stable system. There might not be a clamp on this box anymore, but that doesn't mean I'm free and clear of the bubblegum and bailing wire.

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Introducing the iClamp

03.06.46 - Mark

My iBook, which has been out of service since the beginning of March has been kind of, maybe been fixed with a standard $2 woodworking C-clamp.

Not some Apple tech support guy, the issue was not resolved in store, or by calling Apple's technical support line. It wasn't fixed by using some specilized soldering station, not the replacement of a $300 motherboard. No a fucking C-clamp and a little padding. Un. Fucking. Believable.

iBook G4 fixed with a C-Clamp

The idea came from checking a blog post at the-set.com, where a bunch of iBook owners in the same situation have congragated, and where one commenter "fixed" his iBook with a clamp.

I want to know what the hell happened to Apple's quality control department. I've been fed all sorts of bullshit lines from how I spilled a liquid onto my laptop to completly unable to help. I was upset before. Now I'm fucking pissed.

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