Don't buy a single vote more than necessary...

22.45.33 - Mark

Google AdWords Screen Capture from 11/4/07

I saw this google adwords block in my rant on local politics. The Hillary block sounds like an invitation to a country club social group, and I find it amusing that I can get local election results on eBay.

“Don't buy a single vote more than necessary. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for a landslide." -Joseph P. Kennedy (JFK's father)

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Earth Day

13.18.41 - Mark

Google Doodle for Earth Day 2007 I completely forgot that today was Earth Day until Google's logo caught my eye. I think its one of the best Google Doodles I've seen in a while, maybe ever. I think I'll go back outside and enjoy the near perfect weather now.

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Small changes

19.57.59 - Mark

Google is a little annoyed with me for the way I was supposedly supporting click fraud and leading to inflation of advertising costs - I guess they haven't looked to see how much money this site is actually drawing from adsense so to appease the google advertising robot gods I had to change some stuff in the templates. Since I was in there mucking about I finally took the time to add a creative common's flag to the main text blog.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

I've been pretty open about how I treat content on this site, not that there's probably that much that would be suitable for remixing. About the only limit I've placed on the content is the non-commercial use. It's happened (amazingly) and the only thing about commercial use is that I want to know where my content is. I suppose it also ties in to some of my current problems with high school university, and who gets to use and control student works.

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Crazies on the interwebs

03.22.47 - Mark

The web is buzzing of the latest "Google is hurting my business" lawsuit. All of these are frivilious and I think the idea of "Search Engine Optimization" as part of your business model is pretty sad and pathetic. Maybe this is naive ideology speaking, but its better to treat your customers right and let them sing your praises (and naturally raising your ranking) than it is to try and con your way to the top. It takes some effort on my part not to snap at anyone who complains about their google rank to me (and it happens) Google is a private business, and to be honest one that seems to get sleezier and sleeizer every year. It is not a public service, and it is a mistake to try and treat it like one.

Most of these lawsuits (especially the one above) are making that mistake, which gets them nowhere and puts a silly burden on the court system. Even if some judge was technically illiterate enough to mistake google as a public utility, how do these slime ball companies propose google run its indexing service? The guy with the most lawyers wins? Maybe we fall back to the bad old days when the only way to get into a search engine was Paid Inclusion?

I don't think so, there's a reason those models failed (for the most part), well documented reasons.

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Blogger/Blogspot - Underbelly of the internet

01.10.16 - Mark

Dave Slusher is the latest person to get inline about the evil of Blogger and Blogspot and how they've become a haven for splogs. (There were similar posts by Chris Pirillo and Mark Cuban last October)

When I moved off blogger/blogspot a few months ago, the splog thing was certainly a consideration. Who wants to be at a domain that is becoming well known for splogs and other online annoyances? (On that note how long before Google Page Creator is used for link farms?)

I ended up moving more for the lack of functionality, and the erratic server behaviour, but I wouldn't doubt it if I was told that both of those problems was because the Google Geeks still working on Blogger are spending all their time on putting out server fires than they are on improved functionality or solving the comment spam/splog problem.

In a way it's a shame, blogger is great for beginners and other low demand sites, as well as a small project communication tool (due to it user base size). However the things that make it great for new users also make it great for splogs, and considering that Google makes it extremely hard for users to move away from Blogger or otherwise keep control of their content that becomes a big problem, as noted by the number of good bloggers who are still using the service.

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Ego Boost

01.17.12 - Mark

It's been a while since I've indulged myself with an ego surf, so I punched my name into google and for the first time ever my name popped up on top. I've been in the top 5 for a year or two, but I've always been below a Wake Forest Chemistry professor or a Linux Geek in Ohio (usually in battle with him for second)

Oh, and while writing this post I came across a web2.0 ego-surfing site, EgoSurf.org Here's my ego's history, looks like I'm a bland 1990 on Google I'm not too bad on the other search engines, except del.icio.us, no one seems to think I'm tasty ;)

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Get a Real Server.

15.33.20 - Mark

Am I the only person who gets annoyed when I'm directed to YouTube.com and Google Video? Its not that they're well poorly constructed services, they've useable, but I have a strong dislike of streaming of all varieties. While it doesn't help I'm on the lowend of what the FCC allows ISPs to hoc as broadband, I like to flip between half a dozen tabs and a couple applications. When I'm ready to sit down and watch video, that's all I want to do so I usually watch in full screen mode. I want it to be there on my hard drive for local access when I have complete and total control over the video playback. No lag, no dropped frames, no weird browser quirks that crash my system or worse - "forbid" me from watching a video with my browser/OS combination in the first place. Hell I want to be able to watch it without needing to hook up to the interwebs (face it, Wifi might be popular but it still doesn't exactly have the strongest showing in NWNC).

Sure I could screen cap it a couple times and edit over the dropped parts, but that takes time I shouldn't have to waste.

Of course there's also Google's New video store deal, which looks like one huge rip off. 1 Day, windows only streaming video that. While I might (emphasis on might) be convinced to pay a couple dollars for a favorite star trek episode for that $2 I want to download it and play it offline when ever I want. Demanding that I pay $2 for a 24 hour viewing window for a single TV show is proof enough for me that someone at Google/CBS is drinking the Kool-aid.

Anyways, if you're doing video online, get a real server and let me download the stuff.

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