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I ment to post this yesterday, but I was too out of it to do much of anything yesterday afternoon. I'm on a couple of the local freecycle mailing lists. It's a neat idea, but like a lot of online activism things, its probably a lot better in major population centers. Reguardless, the local lists get a few hundred posts a month depending on any moderation or membership requirements.

Lots of the posts are bland, wanted or offers of bags of cloths and books and as pointless as coupons, and I could see how somepeople could get frustrated with the deluge of junk but occasioanlly some interesting items are posted. From scrap electronics to vehicles, to one "Wanted: The gift of life" (Stokes County NC Freecycle list)

I'm a 42 year old male with Diabetes and ( ESRD ) kidney failure. My kidneys haven't worked in over a year now & the surgeon tells me that I have about four years left. I need someone with type O blood to be tested as a possible match. If you don't know your blood type and are interested we can have it checked. There is no cost to you to be tested or to donate.

My father is past the age limit and brother had kidney stones,this is all the family I have but they can't help. A living donor is preferred over a cadaver because the success rate is much higer. PLEASE won't you give the gift of life?

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It's not exactly inline with freecycle, as it's not exactly trying to keep something out of a landfill, but it is building a community. I find it neat how groups are always finding new ways to apply technology to better their circumstances, and even if that (and a handful of other posts) don't mesh with the national movement, it is still creating a network of digital neighbors.

Of course there's also that fact that I find it hard to believe that someone could get angry over someone trying to extend their life, since at least one peson gave the list-admin some flack over approving the kidney post.

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