What to do with a melted pint of Ben and Jerry's

23.39.16 - Mark

Last week the freezer died, or rather a fan cooling the compressor died, the compressor overheated, and the damn thing died, and about 18 hours later it got noticed. More than long enough for the ~4 pints of Ben and Jerry ice cream to melt, and I'm one of those people who hates refrozen ice cream, the texture just goes down the drain, which is what most of the other food in the freezer did.
Ben and Jerry's Neopolitan Dynamite - yum
However, a pint of Ben and Jerry's costs something like $3.50 and as much as I don't like refrozen ice cream, I don't want to throw out $12 bucks of ice cream, so it went back into a freezer waiting for a good idea, or overwhelming cravings to strike.

I think one pint disappeared to the later but tonight's victim was to a very good idea - milkshakes. As expensive as Ben and Jerry's is, it's not my first pick for milkshakes, but it's a great use for a refrozen pint.

I microwaved the ice cream for a few seconds to loosen it up, just to the point where it slid out of the container easily, however I might heat it up a bit longer in the future, just to the point of being soft so the blender doesn't have to work so much. Second add milk, blend until smooth and enjoy.

As for the taste, I'm going to have to explore other flavor combos with generic ice cream. Cherry / Brownie milkshakes are very good.

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