Green USPS

22.42.02 - Mark

Last week I learned about an interesting bill called e-Drive [oddly discovered via Hacking Netflix] that was introduced to the national House of Representatives late last December. It's basic pitch is to convert or replace 20,000 US Postal Service's local delivery vehicles into full electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

While it's a little murky having the US government go back to fiscally supporting the USPS to, among other things, help lower the cost of operations, I think that getting this bill passed would further push electric vehicles into our culture, as well as help us learn if it can be practical on a corporate level. Even if it fails at those points, it's helping reduce pollution. I've been told that the USPS uses something like 800 Million Gallons of gasoline each year, which I think translates to about .6% of all the gasoline used in the US. While written out it's not an enormous change, but it's enough to take note. I'm going to think about it some more, but it maybe worth sending a letter to my generally useless congress critter.

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Something Borrowed From Tomorrow

16.48.29 - Mark

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. gave a speech to the Sierra Club back in September 2005 and having read over the transcripts and I'd say its one of those things that everyone should set aside some time to read and think about. While it is a little thin on evidence, and I wish there was a good reference list at the bottom of the transcript, I don't have a problem accepting most of the statements.

Like anything else relating to the environment and today's world, it takes its swings at George W. Bush, and for some that's reason enough to read it, but it also makes some great points about corporations, politics, the press, and more.

One item that really struck me was his comments about how there isn't a great ideological difference between the red and blue states, I think anyone who heard of purple states during the last election is aware of that, but that there is a huge difference in awareness, with red states suffering from a lack of it. Of corse, that can be a problem with both parties.

Anyways, go and chew your way though the speech. It's easily worth a few minutes of your time.

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