DNS Swindlers Update

17.26.41 - Mark

So, the domain I was hunting for a month ago lapsed last week, so we enter into a whole new realm of DNS hell. Due to the low budget of the site, we opted not to try and play "the drop" with the evil companies that really just DoS whois servers and try and buy the domain name when it becomes available.

You would think that there isn't a profit involved when no one bids on the domains (which is the case here), but as far as I can tell, the main company for domain auctions, Snapnames seems to run a few side business that take part in Domain Kiting (link goes to a blog post by Founder/CEO of GoDaddy.com), so now there are a few domain names I'd like to have that are perpetually being bought and returned so these con artists can run link farms, display popups, and try and sell the domains back at exaggerated prices ($90+).

And to think, my day was going so well before I started looking back into this cursed domain issue.

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