Day(late) Against DRM

09.52.08 - Mark

Day Against DRM - October 3rd 2006

Don't know why I didn't post this yesterday, but yesterday, October 3rd was Day Against DRM. I didn't participate in any actions, but I don't like DRM. Not because I'm a pirate and want everything for free (as tempting as it may be) but because DRM breaks stuff.

When I buy music, or videos, or event text, I want to be able to work with it, not around it. Some of the music I've bought though iTunes hasn't been listened to in months because it needs a working mac to play it. Even when my computers aren't broken I'm moving between OS X, Linux, Windows, and anymore even older systems like my Newton and Mac OS 9. Even between the first three there isn't a single DRM solution that works, and nothing that would allow me to use the same files on every platform I use.

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