Another failing of critical thinking...

13.03.02 - Mark

In a school that is pushing a "critical thinking initiative" so hard you would think that a right answer would be a right answer, but you would be wrong. I'm tired of the hypocrisy of HSU, where the right answer is the one defined by the (ill-selected) book and all other variations are wrong.

All browsers and operating systems will correctly display the "216 web safe colors", even if an argument can be made that not all web capable computers support color (they don't) and furthermore, all web browsers support color (again, they don't). Nothing will appear consistanly across all internet connected devices, period.

Not even W3C standards are safe.

tags, at least here, are to be referred to as "Layers", simply because that's the way its defined in Dreamweaver.

It feels a bit Orwellian. Good thing I'm not in a math class, they'd probably be teaching me that 2 + 2 = 5...

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