Some weeks later

23.31.48 - Mark

Camp is done once again, and I've been painfully thrust back into the real world kicking and screaming. Well maybe not kicking and screaming, but Raven Knob is not something you really want to leave behind. Fortunately I've got a few camp related projects that should keep me free from a full blown withdrawal. Among other things I did get around to ordering the panoramic photo I took at the beginning of the summer (only about 11 weeks ago...) and sorting out the 4000+ photos I took during the already mentioned 11 weeks. Once some of the chores get finished up (unpacking, catching up on 3 months of news, other random shit) I'll pick up the posting rate. I might have gone to camp, but the rest of the world didn't take the same 3 month vacation I did.

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Taken Out

10.56.07 - Mark

Camp has taken a lot out of me (I've been up there for about a month, a solid two weeks more than most people). While I had every intention of making periodic posts here, the time involved with finding something to write about, writing it, lugging the laptop to a place it can connect to the internet, and then posting it is a slightly higher price than I'd like to pay. Instead, I'm enjoying camp as best I can, dealing with tons (~100 in my regular sessions) of bored scouts, making sure the staff I'm responsible for doesn't mess up, taking every opportunity to take photos, and of course, finding every opportunity to catch up on some much needed rest.

One thing I am working on in my little spare time however is making prints of the Panoramic photo I took from the Knob. There's been a near universally positive response to the image, and many of the people who have seen the image want to own a copy.

Anyways, it's about time to go back to camp...

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Return to society

00.51.47 - Mark

Camp is now officially over. The areas are packed up for the season, the last of the paperwork has been filed and/or archived. The campers, leaders and the idiots who work on staff who couldn't care less about camp are gone. Those left are the kind of people who really truely care about the place and about having a good time with friends and like minded individuals. In other words, some of the best days days in camp are also the saddest.

I'm going to be transitioning back home over the next few days, school over the next couple of weeks, and hopefully a job sometime in between. This time around, I won't deprive myself of camp for over a year - when camping is one of your primary methods of stress release you burn out.

I'll get back into the blogging habit in a few days.

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Paid Vacation

14.12.51 - Mark

I was stupid enough to have several people take photos of me this week at Raven Knob, and unlike 99.99% of all pictures of me, I don't entirely hate these. So lets see...

Some one trusted me with a black powder rifle Wednesday. If nothing else camp has significantly changed my views on gun laws.

Shooting a Blackpower Rifle

Thursday some of the staff members took a camp truck on some of the dirt trails. I'm not big on motor sports, but the occassional offroad excursion is a treat (and is probably one of the only times I'll admit I probably shouldn't be driving)


Last one isn't of me, but it shows you how stunningly beautiful my workplace is. (Camp's dining hall right after a massive thunderstorm blew though Wednesday night)

Dining Hall after a thunderstorm

Of course, I've been putting up other photos from camp here

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Better than alive

10.37.25 - Mark

I've been at the Raven Knob for nearly 3 weeks and for the first time in recent memory I really feel alive. I've had blisters on my feet, cuts and scrapes all over my arms and legs, and I wake up some mornings with my body acking all over, and I love it.

Right now my iBook and the camp's wifi network aren't getting along so well, so I haven't been posting things here (duh) or anywhere else and I've effectivly been cut off with some parts of the world, but hopefully I will fix that problem soon and start sharing some of my photo's here.

For now I'm putting a few images up on the camp's photo site (starting with Cub week) but like all camera men, I've very well hidden...

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