22.56.20 - Mark

My camera went missing over the weekend, most likely stolen. Some jerk took it right out of my daypack Saturday around noon and despite a very thorough search it was still missing Sunday, so it's probably long gone. I've passed on the relevant information to law enforcement so its in the NCIC Database, but it's probably long gone.

What's weird is I'm really not as pissed off as I should be about some asshat wandering away with my property. I'm certainly not happy about it, and I kind of feel stupid for not keeping it with me and then ignoring some paranoid feelings I had about the time it disappeared, but I'm far more pissed off with the replacement process.

While it's "covered" by insurance, that insurance is more or less bullshit. To replace a $350 camera kit (camera, 2GB memory card, and a decent set of high capacity rechargeable batteries) I'd have to pay a $500 deductible. I may have failed the occasional math test, but I'm pretty sure $350 !> $500.

I'm not sure I'll be getting a quick replacement. Right now I can afford a Canon S5IS package or be 100% sure that I can pay upkeep on my websites and hold onto netflix for 3 more periods. I'm fairly confident that I can manage both, half of the web site costs come in November, then the rest at the end of December, so I'm pretty sure it could work, but I need to decide if I want to work without a net.

This really is more aggravating than the theft itself.

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