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01.10.16 - Mark

Dave Slusher is the latest person to get inline about the evil of Blogger and Blogspot and how they've become a haven for splogs. (There were similar posts by Chris Pirillo and Mark Cuban last October)

When I moved off blogger/blogspot a few months ago, the splog thing was certainly a consideration. Who wants to be at a domain that is becoming well known for splogs and other online annoyances? (On that note how long before Google Page Creator is used for link farms?)

I ended up moving more for the lack of functionality, and the erratic server behaviour, but I wouldn't doubt it if I was told that both of those problems was because the Google Geeks still working on Blogger are spending all their time on putting out server fires than they are on improved functionality or solving the comment spam/splog problem.

In a way it's a shame, blogger is great for beginners and other low demand sites, as well as a small project communication tool (due to it user base size). However the things that make it great for new users also make it great for splogs, and considering that Google makes it extremely hard for users to move away from Blogger or otherwise keep control of their content that becomes a big problem, as noted by the number of good bloggers who are still using the service.

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