More is less

23.28.50 - Mark

Cost of 10 replacement bulbs for a stand of lights : $.97 at Walmart ($.097 per light)
Cost of a strand of 20 lights (plus some extra replacement bulbs) : $1.23 ($.062 per light)
Cost of a strand of 50 lights (plus some extra replacement bulbs) : $2.00 ($.04 per light)

I went with the strand of 20 over the replacement bulbs and transplanted them into the old long strand I was fixing up, but it feels weird from a Maker / Fix it point of view. I'm supporting a culture of throw away goods and the replace it over repair mindset in order to fix something.

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Add indeciviness liberally

15.15.35 - Mark

This thread on how to survive an upcoming interview with Steven Colbert is hilarious. Half of them get the idea that Colbert is a "professional idiot" (his own words from an NPR interview I heard a while back) while the rest think that this is a serious media deal and this interview will make or break his film career.

Granted, we're talking about some of the same people who actually liked the walmart movie, which was a lousy attempt at rallying socially, politically, and economically disconnceted (and generally uninterested) urban liberals around the exploitative evil which is walmart. I mean, its a good thing that it helps the urbanites realize that Walmart is a problem, but it doesn't really say anything new - certainlly not to people who have to deal with walmarts

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Penn and Teller: Walmart Subversives

19.49.27 - Mark

Penn and Teller would be proud of the stunt they're pulling off in Walmarts across the country.

My Brother is 17, doesn't drive, and the only photo ID in his wallet is a school ID that doesn't have his age on it. But he has money and likes movies. Tonight while running some other errands he tagged along to buy The Aristocrats, (wikipedia article on the joke). While we're there we also see Million Dollar Baby and The Aviator as a packaged deal for $20. Since we liked both movies he decides to get them as well.

I grab and pay for my things, and he's behind me with the movies. The walmart clerk passed the movies over the scanner and about the time the thing beeps for age verification we remember that Million Dollar Baby is rated R. Well, he doesn't have an ID, and I've gone though so I can't show my ID and have him (or me) pay, and none of our other tricks to deal with some of Walmart's Minor Protection Program thing will work other than come back later (its really not an efficient program).

However, The Aristocrats goes though. Turns out it's unrated, as in not R. So he forks over his $20 and we walk out of Walmart with it in all its obscene glory, but not things that were up for dozens of Academy Awards, and (typing this as I'm watching the Aristocrats) are far more "family friendly".

BTW, go watch the Aristocrats. If you don't mind filth, its funny as hell. If you do mind filth, go watch it anyways. You anal-retentive types need to loosen up. Life is a sick, disgusting, perverted world, but it's a hell of a journey.

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