Crazies on the interwebs

03.22.47 - Mark

The web is buzzing of the latest "Google is hurting my business" lawsuit. All of these are frivilious and I think the idea of "Search Engine Optimization" as part of your business model is pretty sad and pathetic. Maybe this is naive ideology speaking, but its better to treat your customers right and let them sing your praises (and naturally raising your ranking) than it is to try and con your way to the top. It takes some effort on my part not to snap at anyone who complains about their google rank to me (and it happens) Google is a private business, and to be honest one that seems to get sleezier and sleeizer every year. It is not a public service, and it is a mistake to try and treat it like one.

Most of these lawsuits (especially the one above) are making that mistake, which gets them nowhere and puts a silly burden on the court system. Even if some judge was technically illiterate enough to mistake google as a public utility, how do these slime ball companies propose google run its indexing service? The guy with the most lawyers wins? Maybe we fall back to the bad old days when the only way to get into a search engine was Paid Inclusion?

I don't think so, there's a reason those models failed (for the most part), well documented reasons.

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