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23.03.15 - Mark

I've been chewing though a lot of media in the past few weeks, but far the most time has been dedicated to good old fashioned nostalgia watching Pinky and the Brain Volume 1 and Volume 2, with the occasional episode of Animaniacs. Even at 14 years old they're still as hilarious as they were when I was a kid, maybe even more so now. The writing is well crafted and the episodes contain tons of references and spoofs of all sorts of stuff, from 1990's politics to classic movies lots of material that I would have never appreciated when they were first being aired. In a way it really reminds me of Pixar's work. Some of the value is in the animation and story, but there are so many easter eggs planted into the writing that it keeps adding value for older audiences. It's great that I'm able to watch these shows on DVD, but now I'm craving a bunch of shows that unfortunately aren't available on DVD

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